User Group Functions Viewer


Required to define which viewers, reports and functions the members of a User Group have access to. This viewer may also be used to create the User Groups themselves.


If you had created a user group named DISPATCHERS, you would most likely want to include View Dispatch Board in their functions list, but omit the accounting functions. Likewise, if you had also created an ACCOUNTANTS user group, you would allow them access to accounting functions, but not the dispatch board.


Required to define to access to functions and reports for members of this User Group.

Important Fields: Upper Section

The User Group Functions screen is divided into upper and lower sections. The upper section contains the User Group record. For details on the upper section, click User Groups Viewer .

Important Fields: Lower Section

The Functions List displays which (if any) functions are currently available for this Group. Contact your Data-Basics support representative for additional information on which functions should be included for each of your user groups.

Tip: if you wish to control access, add, change or delete privileges to a two-part or tabbed viewer, both the parent and child views must be edited. For example, if you want to let users add or change their dispatch board definitions, but not delete them, both View Boards and View Boards and Technicians would need to be edited so that the Delete box was not checked. In this example, the Access, Add, and Change boxes should be checked.

Function Name:
The name of the function; this display-only field is maintained by the system.

If this field is checked, members of this group will have access to this function and can view all the information available on the record.

If this box is blank, members of this group will not have access to the records in the function.  However, users will be granted access to the LIST views. 

Double-click on this box to check/clear it.

If the Access and the Add boxes are checked, members of this user group will be able to add records to this viewer.

If the Access and the Change boxes are checked, members of this user group will be able to change records in this viewer.

If the Access and the Delete boxes are checked, members of this user group will be able to delete records from this viewer providing a) the record has no associated history and b) programming logic does not  exist to disallow this functionality.  For example, deleting a check and deleting an invoice are not allowed.

This field enables you to enable/disable printing or saving CSV and Table Report files on a per viewer basis. To disable printing and saving of a viewer list (as a report or csv file), clear the Export box in the applicable User Groups and Functions record or records. The csv and table report buttons will be grayed out in a record viewer it the Export box has been cleared.