Users and Functions (Desktop Setup) Viewer


If none of the items in the lower section of this screen is checked, the folders view will appear when this user logs on the system. If any of the items in the lower section of this screen are checked, this record customizes the user Desktop by specifying the functions, viewers and reports that should appear. The user can control the organization of the list by specifying a topic. This viewer can also change the user or report password.


This viewer is required to customize your own user Desktop. Changes that you make to your Desktop will be visible the next time you log on the system. If you prefer the Folders viewer to appear initially, leave the lower section blank.


A customized user desktop is optional since a user can access any viewer, function, or report available to his user group from the Viewers, Starters, Reports or Folders viewer. However, since your own customized Desktop viewer is automatically opened when you start the system, it is very convenient to include your most commonly accessed viewers, reports and functions on your desktop.

The use of topics enables you to organize your list. For example, you might wish to create a topic named AR, and include the various reports, viewers and starters pertaining to Accounts Receivables in this topic.

Important Fields: Upper Section
The User Functions Viewer is divided into two sections. The upper section contains User record information and the password fields; the lower section lists all functions, reports and viewers available to your user group. The items that are checked will appear on your desktop.

User Id: User Name:
These display-one fields are maintained by the system. You can only change the desktop of the user that you logged in as.

New Password: Confirm Password: Report Password: Confirm Report Password:
Use these fields to enter and re-enter a new user and/or report password. The password does not display in either of these fields for security purposes.

image\big_lock.gif Alternately, each user may reset his/her password by clicking the Lock button on the Top Button bar, entering and confirming the password, and clicking OK.

Email Address:
The user's default e-mail address. The system will use this as the reply address if this user employs ReportAnywhere to e-mail reports. See Registry Entry System Email for information on e-mail configuration; the user’s e-mail address my be obtained from MS Outlook if enhanced Outlook supported is implemented on your system.

Security Id:
This display-only field is maintained by the system. It will only display if your firm implements multiple regions or branches on a single database and this is a non-global user.

Important Fields: Lower Section

Show on Desktop?
If you check this field (by double-clicking it), this item will be included on your desktop. Double-click on this field will also clear it.

Function Name:
This display-only field lists the Viewers, Reports and Starter Functions that your user group is allowed to access.

The system uses the optional topic field to organize the order in which functions are displayed on the Desktop. For example, if you assigned a topic of AR to Report AR Aged Receivable and View AR Cash Receipts Journal, and a topic of sd1 to Start New Call, sd2 to View Dispatch Board, sd3 to Report Work Order, and sd4 to View Boards and Technicians, your Desktop would appear as follows:

Topic: Function Name:
AR Report AR Aged Receivable
AR View AR Cash Receipts Journal
sd1 Start New Call
sd2 View Dispatch Board
sd3 Report Work Order
sd4 View Boards and Technicians

Notice that within each individual topic, functions are listed in alphabetical order by name. However, by carefully selecting your topic designations you can create the order you prefer by subject, order of operation, etc.

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