Vendor Approval Form

This form is generated when you click the Vendor Approval button in the Quote Master viewer. When you do so, the PO Email Approval Wizard will appear.

PO Email Wizard - Select Email to Send

If you entered a Vendor Id on any of the Inventory, Material or Other lines, this Wizard screen will enable you to verify which PO lines to be emailed.

This field enables you to confirm which PO to e-mail. Double-click on the OK field to select/deselect a PO.

Vendor Id Vendor Name: Quantity: Total Amount: WO Id:
These informational fields are based on information that you entered in the QuoteMaster record.

Click the Finish button at bottom of the screen to continue.


Vendor Approval Email Form

By default, the email address in your User record will appear in the From: box.

See Registry Entry System Email for information on e-mail configuration: this field will be obtained from MS Outlook if this option is implemented in your system.

The Vendor’s fax e-mail address will appear in the To: box.

Contact Id
The Contact Id gives the user access to SAMPro Contact records and the email addresses contained in them. When a Contact record is selected, SAMPro automatically inserts its main email address in the Email To field.  In addition, when the Contact record contains multiple addresses, they are added to the list of Email Addresses displayed when the user double-clicks in the Email To or CC fields. This will allow the SAMPro user to select one of the Contact's secondary email addresses.

Enter any additional addresses desired, separated by a comma or semi-colon. You may also reference an Email Group. When referencing an Email Group in an email field, you must surround the Email Group Id with brackets. For example, if you have created an Email Group with the Id sales, you would enter it in a SAM Pro email field as [sales] to indicate that it is a token replacement and not, itself, an email address.

The Subject line is generated based on your Company Name registry entry, the PO number, and the Vendor’s Name.


image\clip.gif Click the paper clip button to attach a file to the e-mail.

The text of the e-mail contains the purchase order detail, and the message that this PO has been approved.

image\sendemail.gif Click the Send Email button when you are ready to do so.