Vendor Mail-To Viewer


This record enables you to associate multiple purchase order mail-to / remit to addresses with a specific vendor.


A Vendor Mail-To record may be selected on the Purchase Order’s Mailing Address tab to override the vendor’s default mailing address. All Vendor Mail-To records associated with a specific Vendor will be displayed in that Vendor’s Alt Mailing Addresses tab.

The Mail To Address may also be selected on the Purchase Order’s Remit to tab to load the Purchase Order Remit to Address (which overrides the default Vendor address).

Important Fields:

Vendor Id:
The Vendor that this address is associated with. This field is required.

Mail-to Id:
This required field must uniquely specify this record.

Briefly describes this record or its use.

Company Name:
The name of the Vendor as it should appear on the PO.

Mailing Address:
The Street, City, State/Province and Zip code information.