Vendor Open Invoices Tab

This tab displays open vendor invoices and credit memos that have not been fully paid / cleared. A Summary 'To Date' line appears as the first entry in the list.

The following fields are displayed for each open invoice / credit memo; note that credit memos appear with a negative dollar value owed.

Invoice No - PO Id – Invoice Date – Due Date – Pay Date – Purchases – Amount Owed – Due Next 30 – Past Due – Payments – Discount Taken – Retainage – Invoice Date Aging – Days Past Due

The Amount Owed is calculated as follows: Purchases - Payments - DiscTaken - Retainage = AmountOwed

Note: Double-clicking on a line exposes the Vendor Invoice if the user has access to it. If the user should be able to view but not change the Vendor Invoice, his User Group should be set to allow access but deny the Add, Edit and Delete rights.