Vendor Ship To Viewer


This record is used in some customizations to specify the address that the Vendor will ship PO items to. If you are using the Standard customization, the Location record will be used instead.


In some customizations, this record is referenced in the Vendor record as an optional field that could be completed if your company has a single manufacturing facility, or if a vendor ships primarily to a certain facility. The Vendor Ship To would then default from the Vendor record on a Purchase Order (but may be changed if needed). Note: Either the Vendor Ship To or the Location field must be completed on a Purchase Order in order for the shipping address to print!


If your company had facilities in three cities, you could create one Vendor Ship To record for each facility. The Purchase Order could then specify the facility requiring the items, avoiding transshipment costs.

Important Fields:

Ship To Id: (6 character, only . and - special characters)
This field is required; uniquely identifies each Ship To record.

Description: (15 character)
Briefly describes the Ship To record for internal purposes; optional but recommended.

Location Id:
Optional. This field is used to specify the default location (either a physical location or job location) on a PO. Double-click on this field to select from a list.

Company Name (40 character)
The name of your company (or division of your company) as you want it to print on purchase orders. This name will appear on purchase and change orders.

Shipping Address
The address that vendors should specify for shipping. This address will appear on purchase and change orders.

Security Id:
If multiple location security is implemented on your centralized database system, this informational field displays the Security Id of the local user that created this record. If multiple location security is not implemented on your system, or if this record was created by a global user, this field will be blank.