WebHelp Browser Support and Settings

WebHelp must be enabled via global registry - see WebHelp Registry Option for details.

The WebHelp distributed with SAMPro supports Internet Explorer11 and up. It also supports earlier versions of IE, as well as current versions of Firefox and Chrome (when run from your firm's network).

 Internet Explorer 11 Note

If IE 11 is your default browser and your OS is Windows 10 or 7, 'Display Intranet Sites in Compatibility View' should NOT be checked. Doing so may interfere with WebHelp's ability to show context-specific WebHelp resulting in the Welcome to SAMPro topic always being displayed.

Internet Explorer Note (All Windows OS)

If Internet Explorer is your default browser, the 'Allow active content to run on files in My Computer' must be enabled for WebHelp's Search function to work properly (and without having to "Allow Active Contact" every time you access WebHelp). Active Content is NOT allowed if the Search tab in WebHelp looks like this:

The above Search tab is less than useless, and you need to allow active content to run in files on your computer. To allow active content (without having to confirm the "Allow Active Content" browser message each time you run WebHelp), access the following screen by going to Internet Explorer's Tools menu and select Internet Options. This field is set on the Advanced tab, under Security.

Close and restart WebHelp; your Search tab should look like the following.  You may Search throughout WebHelp for words, registry ids, setting keys, and so on.  The Search function will return ranked results: