Web Profile Viewer


This record enables you to construct a ‘profile’ that will enable your web users to only ‘see’ those sites that they should be able to access. This record also enables you to implement custom web graphics and CRMAnywhere formatting.


Referenced in records: Client Site, Web User.

The Web Profile supercedes the older Web Security record. Although version 6.2 supports both Web Profiles and Web Security, you are strongly urged to migrate to the Web Profile/Web User standard.


Typically, a Web Profile record would be made for a logical group of Web Users. For example, if your firm serves Big Bank customers, you would create a Web Profile, Big Bank, for CRMAnywhere users from Big Bank. If Big Bank had branches in several regions, you might create a Web Profile for each region, or create one Big Bank profile, and define the regions/area via the custom values. You would then create a Web User record for each Big Bank customer, specifying which Big Bank Sites this user could access . For example, a Big Bank branch manager would be restricted (in the Web User record) to only his store, while a Big Bank area manager would be able to view information on all branches in her district. Click Web Users Viewer for further information.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Main Tab

Web Profile Id:
Uniquely identifies this record.

Briefly describes the function of this record. Optional but highly recommended.

Custom Field 1 Label:
Custom Field 2 Label:
Custom Field 3 Label:
Custom Field 4 Label:
Custom Field 5 Label:
These fields enable you to label the five custom fields specified in the lower section of the screen. These labels will appear on the Client Site Web Profile tab.

If your organization is organized into region, area and types of stores, you would enter Region in field 1, Area in field 2, and Type in field 3. Typically, you would not define individual stores or branches here, as this can by done by specifying the Store # (from the Client Site record) in the Web User record.

Important Fields: Lower Section

Custom1 – Custom5 Tabs

Custom Value:

The custom tabs enable you to specify all allowable values for this profile for each of the custom values.


The following example shows a profiles might be set up by Region, Area and Type for Big Bank.

Web Profile Id: BigBank1 Web Profile Name: BigBank Midwest

Custom1 (Region) Custom2 (Area) Custom3 (Type)

1-Midwest OH  Standalone

2-South MI-UP  Mall

3-Altantic MI-DS  Supermarket

IN  Kiosk









In each Client Site record pertaining to a Big Bank branch, you would select the Big Bank Web Profile, and an appropriate value for the Custom1 (Region), Custom2 (Area), and Custom3 (Type).

In each Web User record created for a Big Bank web customer, you would specify the Big Bank Web Profile, and any Region, Area and Type and Store ranges as applicable. For example, branch managers would be limited to their own branch (Store #). The Region and Area fields would be completed for an area or district manager. A supervisor that handled only kiosks for the midwest would have only the Region and Type fields completed.


Registry Tab

Registry Value:

The registry options entered on this tab override those specified in the web-settings registry entry. Click Registry Entry Client Web Interface the options described for the web-settings registry entry can also be entered on the lines in this tab.

Sites Tab

This tab displays the list of Client Sites that reference this record on their Web Profile tab. You may double-click on a line to open the corresponding Client Site record.

Users Tab

This tab displays the list of Web Users that reference this record on their CRM Profile. You may double-click on a line to open the corresponding Web User record.