Work Order Call Script Tab


View the Call Script tab for a Work Order.


Displays the pre-defined questions and customer's answers for the Call Script associated with that piece of Equipment.


This tab is normally completed when the work order is created in the New Call viewer or via the Web Client interface. It may also be updated from TechAnywhere.

Important Fields:

Equipment Id:
The Equipment that this Call Script was recorded for.

The questions from the Call Script record.

The customer's answers.

User Id:
This display-only field is set with the user’s Id when he or she enters the Call Script responses.

Tech Id:
This display-only field is set with the Technician's Id if the Call Script is updated from TechAnywhere.  


 When you click the Add Call Script button (on the side button bar), the system will prompt you to enter a Call Script Id and Equipment Id. When you do so, and click OK, the system will insert the questions from the selected Call Script to the Call Script Tab. The answers to this Call Script may then be entered by selecting the Call Script tab.