Work Order Gross Margin Tab Job History/Projections


This tab will appear if it is enabled via Registry. It displays information from in Job History as well as projections based on the selected Revenue Adjustment table. This information will help the user determine if any adjustments should be made to the Work Order to prevent its total invoiced amounts from exceeding the Client NTE. ONLY values for the Job referenced on the Work Order's Main tab will appear.

Note: Click Standard Gross Margin Tab to see information on the standard tab.

Important Fields / Buttons:

Gross Margin Id:
Analyze Labor:  Analyze Materials: Analyze Other: Analyze Subcontract:
These display-only fields default from the Gross Margin table for this Work Order. If an Analyze box is checked, that category of costs/revenues will be included in the Gross Margin Analysis.

Revenue Adjustment Id:
This specifies the Revenue Adjustment record used by the system when the Adjust Revenue button is clicked. This Revenue Adjustment record is also used for projected values if actual Job History values do not yet exist. The Rates, GL Accounts and Invoice Description from the header of this table are displayed below the UNBILLED and TOTAL sections of this screen. For example, if the Revenue Adjustment specifies a Management Fee with a Fee Type of Flat Rate, it will appear in on the Gross Margin Tab even if no other costs are associated with the Work Order.

image\SKIN1_RefreshGM.gif Clicking this button refreshes the tab with current entries in Job History and any applicable projections from the Revenue Adjustment table.  

 image\SKIN1_ComputeRevAdjust.gif  Entries on the RevAdjust tab are automatically created by clicking his button if a Revenue Adjustment table is specified on this Work Order. Only Revenue Adjustments pertaining to the Job on the Work Order's Main Tab will be generated. These entries will also be written to Job History so they will be displayed this tab. Clicking this button also imports all applicable costs into the Work Order so that any manual adjustments can be made easily.

Warning: Clicking this button will delete unbilled manual Revenue Adjustments on this Work Order. Special PM Invoicing *Accrual* lines and billed lines will not be deleted.

Client NTE:
The user will be warned if the Projected Invoice Total exceeds this value. The field may be used to adjust the default Client Not to Exceed value if the customer has approved a greater value for this Work Order.


This section is a matrix that enables you to review Revenues and Revenue Adjustments before billing the Work Order. Detail lines with an Effective Date in the future will NOT be included in the matrix.

Labor: Material: Other: Subcontract: Subtotal:

Billable Cost:   Revenue:  
display-only fields are calculated by the system based on the unbilled Costs/Revenue in Job History for each category.

If any Unbilled Revenue Adjustments (not netting to zero) for any cost type are found in Job History they will be used to generate these fields. Otherwise, the system will project the Revenue Adjustment values based on Unbilled Revenues and the Revenue Adjustment Id in the Work Order.  The projected value will also be used if Unbilled Revenue Adjustments netting to zero across all values are found in Job History.

NOTE: There cannot be a mixture of actual and projected Revenue Adjustments displayed on the screen. For example, if an unbilled Revenue Adjustment for labor exists in Job History, that will be displayed on the Gross Margin tab: any projected values for material, other or subcontract costs will not appear.  

Clicking the Adjust Revenue button allows you to import costs and make the actual Revenue Adjustment entries in the Work Order and to Job History. When you save the Work Order and refresh the Gross Margin screen, the actual unbilled Revenue Adjustments will appear on the Gross Margin tab.

Net Revenue:
The net of the Revenue and Rev Adjust columns.

The Gross Margin % for this line (
Net Revenue - Billable Cost) / Net Revenue * 100). Note that if no Billable Costs exist for this line, this column will be blank.

Displayed from the
Gross Margin table.

Before Sales Tax.

Sales Tax:
The projected Sales Tax for the Next Invoice.

Next Invoice Total:
The projected value of the next invoice, including Sales Tab.

These fields are computed by the system based on the values from the UNBILLED matrix PLUS any invoiced lines for Job on the Work Order's Main tab.

Labor: Material: Other: Subcontract: Subtotal:  

Total Cost: Total Revenue:
Displays the Total Cost and Total (net) Revenue from UNBILLED matrix PLUS any invoiced lines for Job on the Work Order's Main tab.

Total % GM$:
The Total% column displays the projected Gross Margin Percent for this Work Order as a whole. The Gross Margin Dollars (GM$) column is calculated by subtracting the Billable Cost from the Revenue.

Before Sales Tax.

Sales Tax:
The projected Sales Tax total for all billed and projected invoices.

Projected Invoice Total:
The projected total (including Sales Tax) for all billed and projected invoices for this Work Order. This field is compared to the Client NTE specified on this tab.  The user will be warned if this field exceeds the Client NTE when the Work Order is saved.