Work Order Log Tab


The log file includes the date and time of the status changes for a particular Work Order.


By default, the user may not add, change or delete lines. To enable user changes to this tab, a registry entry must be implemented as discussed in Registry Entry Work Order Options .


A Log file entry is generated when the status of a Work Order Technician line changes from Travel to On Site.

Important Fields:

Tech Status:
The Work Order Tech status (travel, on-site, etc.) logged.

Tech Id:
The Technician for this log entry.

Time Logged:
The time this entry was logged.

Work Date:
The date the entry was logged.

User Id:
The User that was signed on when the entry was logged.

image\Magnify.gif Click the Magnify Button to see the following:

These display only fields will be set when a status change is uploaded from TechAnywhere. Their values are determined by the geo-location of the technician when they change the status of the work order.

Map It Button:
If the Latitude and Longitude fields are completed, clicking Map It will open Google Maps to display the location.