Work Order Milestones Tab

Work Order Milestones are typically referenced by DBAnalytics for tracking purposes for Work Orders generated by the Start Project Work Order Generator function.

Important Fields:

Milestone Id:  
Milestones are automatically populated by the Start Project Work Order Generator function when WO's are generated. They may also be added to any Work Order for reporting purposes.

Tip: If using the Milestones on a manually created Work Order, first set the Date Must Complete and the Time Must Complete and SAVE the Work Order before added the Milestones. The Milestone's End Date/Time are controlled by the Days/Time Offset fields and the Work Order's Date/Time must complete.

End Date: End Time:
This field specifies when this Milestone should be completed.

If this Milestone line was populated by the Start Project Work Order Generator function, the End Date and Time are initially based on the Date and Time Must Complete specified in the function, and the Days and Minutes Offsets of each Milestone.

If the Date / Time Must Complete is changed in the Work Order’s Main tab,  Milestones NOT flagged as ‘Fixed’ will have their End Date / Time fields updated automatically on the new Date/Tab and the value of the Offset fields.  

f the user changes the Milestone's End Date/Time, the Days/Time Offset fields will automatically be updated (if the Fixed Date / Time boxes are not checked).

If the Fixed Time / Date fields are flagged on a Milestone, changing the Work Order's Date/Time Must Complete does NOT change the Milestone’s End Date / Time fields.

Milestone Description:
This display field defaults from the Milestone record.

This field is set from the Milestone Group if this line was generated when the Start Project Work Order Generator function was run, It may be changed by the user if needed.

Days Offset:  Minutes Offset:
When a Work Order first generated, the Days and Minutes Offset will be used to calculate the End Date and End Time on the Work Order’s Milestone line based on the Date / Time Must Complete.  For example, if the Work Order was generated with a Date Must Complete of April 15, 2017 a Days Offset of 10 would generate Milestone End Date of April 25, 2017.  Negative Offsets may also be specified.  In the above example, a Days Offset of -10 would generate an End Date of April 5, 2017.

If the Work Order's Date / Time Must Complete is updated, the Milestone's new End Date / Time will also be updated using these offsets if this Milestone is not flagged as Fixed Date / Time.

Fixed Date:  Fixed Time:
Milestone Dates and Times are set during initial WO creation regardless of whether these fields are flagged.  These fields come into play in the Work Order viewer when Date/Time Must Complete is changed.  Basically, Fixed means  do NOT change the Milestone’s End Date / Time after the initial Work Order creation.

Check this field if this Milestone has been completed. If the Completed flag is checked the Milestone cannot be changed.