Work Order RR Import From Job History Budget Entries

The Import Required Resources button enables the user to add inventory items to the Required Resource tab. When you click the Import Required Resource button, the system will ask 'Do you want to Import Required Resources from JC History?' If you answer ‘yes’ to import from JC History, the following form prompt described below will appear.

Registry Entries:

See Import Cost from JCH/Job Budget for registry options to use the budgets costs during the import. If the Use Default Vendor box is checked:

If the registry entry DefaultRequiredResourceCostsFromJCHBudgetsINV is NOT set to true, and the Vendor box is flagged, the system will use the cost from the Inventory Vendor tab if available, the last cost if not.

If the registry entry DefaultRequiredResourceCostsFromJCHBudgetsINV is set to true, and the Vendor box is flagged, the system will use the cost from the Job Budget tab if set, and the last cost from the Stage Location if not.

  Prompter Screen for Import from Job History

Date Required:
Enter the default Date Required for the new Required Resource lines.

Check this box to place the imported lines on Hold.  The lines may be manually released as needed.

Use Default Vendor?

This field may be initially set via registry, but may be changed by the user.

If Use Default Vendor? is flagged, the system will use the default Vendor from the Inventory Item record's Purchasing tab (if specified) during the import. This option would generally NOT be used if full-fledged requisitioning (Start Material Requisitioning) is enabled.  

If Use Default Vendor? is blank no Vendor will be defaulted during the import.

Note: See the global settings  Registry to Automatically Default the Vendor if you want Use Default Vendor box to default to checked.

 Click the OK button to import all JC History budget material lines that match the Job/Cost Code/Billing Item id's specified in the Work Order header that HAVE NOT already been requisitioned.  These items will appear in a check list.

Require Resource Import Checklist Screen

Select the ones you want and press the GO button.  All selected lines will be added to the Required Resource table and the Workorder will be redisplayed.

This field enables you to select which lines to import from Job History. A check appears in the Do field if an item is selected; by default, all lines are selected. Double-click on the Do field to select or deselect an item.

Inventory Item Id: Inventory Item Name:
These fields will be completed if a part having an Inventory Item record is being imported.  The Description will default from the Inventory Item Name.

Description: Other Rate:
If the part does not have an Inventory Item Record, at least the Description (and optionally the Other Rate Id) must be completed.

Cost Category:
The Cost Category specified in the Job History entry.

Unit Cost Budget
This field will be completed if the registry option(s) to set the import cost from job cost history (from the Job Budget) are enabled, AND the cost was set to a non-zero amount in the budget. If this field is not zero it will be used to set the Unit Cost of imported items.

Click the Go button to import the selected items to the Required Resource tab.

When lines are imported to the Work Order, the Equipment Id is defaulted in the same way as for manual entries:

If only one piece of equipment appears on the Equipment tab, this field will default.

If multiple Id’s are listed on the Equipment tab, the Equipment Id will not be defaulted during the import, but may be selected by the user on the imported line.