Work Order RR Import from Spreadsheet

The Import Required Resources button enables the user to add inventory items to the Required Resource tab. When you click the Import Required Resource button, the system will ask 'Do you want to Import Required Resources from JC History?' If you answer ‘No’ to import from JC History, you will import resources from a comma delimited text file (.CSV). The following specifications must be followed:

 Field1 = Quantity to requisition

 Field2 = Inventory Item ID

 Field3 = Description (Only required for non-inventory items)

 Field4 = Vendor ID (Can be used for inventory and non-inventory items)

 Field5 = Y/N (This Flag Must be Y for inventory or N for non-inventory items) 

Note that a header line is not required; only data lines should appear in the file.

If the item is marked as Inventory (inventory flag=Y) then only the Quantity, Inventory Item Id and Vendor Id vendor id data is looked at. If the item is marked as Non-Inventory (inventory flag=N) then do not perform any validation unless a Vendor id is supplied. The wizard will validate that:

Inventory item exists in the SAMPro database.

The Vendor exists in the SAMPro database

The form prompt window described below will appear if you choose to import from a spreadsheet;

Note: See the global settings  Registry to Automatically Default the Vendor if you want Use Default Vendor box to default to checked.  

Prompter Screen for Import from a Spreadsheet

Cost Category:
The material-type Job Cost Category to use for the imported Required Resource lines.

Date Required:
Enter the default Date Required for the new Required Resource lines.

Check this box to place the imported lines on Hold.  The lines may be manually released as needed.

Use Default Vendor?

This field is initially set via registry, but may be changed by the user.

If Use Default Vendor? is flagged and the Vendor is specified in the spreadsheet, the system will use the spreadsheet's Vendor during the import.

If Use Default Vendor? is flagged, and a Vendor is NOT specified in the spreadsheet, the system will use the default Vendor from the Inventory Item record's Purchasing tab during the import.

If Use Default Vendor? is blank, the system will always use the Vendor from the spreadsheet during the import, even if it is blank.

   Click the OK button to continue; a browser window will open that lets the user point to the import file. Select the file and click Open to import the required resources.

When lines are imported to the Work Order the Equipment Id is defaulted in the same way as for manual entries:

If only one piece of equipment appears on the Equipment tab, this field will default.

If multiple Id’s are listed on the Equipment tab, the Equipment Id will not be defaulted during the import, but may be selected by the user on the imported line.