Work Order RR Wizard



When this button is clicked, the required resource wizard is launched to allow creation of PO’s for non-inventory items listed on the Required Resource tab, as well as for items on the Required Resources tab where a Vendor is specified. This provides a means of creating POs for special order/pricing inventory. Note that the Start Material Requisitioning function must be used to generate Stock Transfer Orders for Inventory Lines that do not specify a Vendor.

Consolidating Items:
If the same item appears on the ReqResource tab multiple times for different equipment, these lines must be consolidated when the PO is generated.  If any item(s) requiring consolidation are  found, the system will display the following message:

Duplicate parts for PO's have been consolidated; see list that follows.

A list enumerating the consolidations will then appear. This list may be printed if needed. This information is attached to the PO as a Note.


When posting costs to a PO from with the Wizard, costs are determined as follow

If the global settings DefaultRequiredResourceCostsFromJCHBudgetsINV option is set to true,  the system uses the current Required Resource tab cost. If this registry is not set, the Vendor's last cost is used.

If the global settings DefaultRequiredResourceCostsFromJCHBudgetsMISC option is set to true,  the system uses the current Required Resource tab cost. If this registry is not set, the cost is set to zero (previous default behavior). This setting is recommended even if the inventory option (see above) is not, as it allows the cost on the Required Resource tab to be written to the Purchase Order.

Important Fields:

Wizard Screen 1: Select Vendor / Location

The user should complete both the Vendor and Location fields in the Wizard viewer so the Purchase Order will be correctly configured. The Location defaults from the Work Order header; it can be overridden by the user, but can never be blank.

PO's created from the Required Resources tab of the Work Order have their Date Requested/Promised fields set as follows:

The Date Requested/Promised on the PO details lines will be set from the Required Resource tab's Date Required.

The Date Requested/Promised in the header of the PO will be set to the lowest date of detail lines.  For example, if Required Resource lines are have dates required of June 1, 2014, June 5, 2014 and June 6, 2014, the PO header Date Required/Promised will be set to June 1, 2014.

Wizard Screen 2: P.O. Confirmation

This screen provided the final confirmation for generated P.O.'s.  If the Do box is checked, clicking the Finish button will generate the Purchase Order(s).  Click Back to return to the previous screen to make any needed changes.