Work Order Revenue Adjustment Tab

Option 1: Entries Generated by Clicking the Adjust Revenue Button

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Option 2: Entries Generated by Create PM Billing

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Option 3: Entries Generated by Create PM Work Orders (Time of Service Earned)

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Option 4: Entries Generated by the Quote Approval Wizard

Important Fields:

Invoice Description:
This field defaults from the Revenue Adjustment record (if generated via option 1); they may be changed by the user.

This field defaults from the Invoice Description on the Site PM Billing tab or Master Contract if generated via option 2. A registry setting provides a default description for the PM Invoice if the Invoice Description is blank on the Client Site PM Billing tab or the Master Contract Adv. Billing tab.  The phrase "PM Invoice" will be written to PM Invoice Work Orders if the above registry option is not implemented, and an Invoice Description is also absent from the Client Site and/or Master Contract billing tabs.  

Validation prevents all 'special' PM Accrual-type Revenue Adjustment lines from being edited or deleted:

New style lines have an Invoice Description that ends with '*ACCRUAL*'.
Old style lines have an Invoice Description of either 'PM Income' or 'PM Billed in Advance'.

o Add o Deduct o ApplyPrepay
This field controls whether the dollars on this line will be added to or deducted from the invoice. By default, management fees will be added to the invoice.

Lines flagged as ApplyPrepay were generated by PM's and should not be changed by the user.

Effective Date:
The date to alter the appropriate account balances. This field will default to today’s date when this line is created by clicking the Adjust Revenue button. The + and – let you increase or decrease the date.

AdjBase: Rate: Amount:

Adds / Deducts

For standard charges, the system calculates the Adjustment Base by summing up this type of charge (labor, material, other and sub), not including exceptions noted on the Revenue Adjustments Exceptions tab. The Rate defaults from the appropriate Rate field in the upper section of the Revenue Adjustment table. The system calculates separate Adjustment Base and Rate lines for Labor, Other or Subcontract Rates (and Inventory Group Id’s) listed on the Revenue Adjustment record’s Exception tabs. In either case, the Amount is calculated by the system by multiplying the Adjustment Base times the Rate.

Management Fees

If the management fee line was generated from a line flagged as Flat Fee in the Revenue Adjustments record, both the Adjustment Base and the Rate will be blank, and the Amount will be the flat fee. Otherwise, the Adjustment Base is calculated from the discounted total of Labor, Material and other Charges, and multiplied times the Rate (in the Revenue Adjustments record) to obtain the Amount.

Cost Category:
For discounts, this field defaults from the first line of the Labor, Inventory or Other tabs of the Work Order, as applicable for this line. The Cost Category for Management Fees defaults from the Revenue Adjustment record.

Important Note: the cost category for pm billings defaults in from the registry entry sys-start-scrtepmbllng using the CostCategory option: see Registry Start Create PM Billing (sys-start-scrtepmbllng) for details.

This field supports enhanced filtering provided by the Cost Code's Job Cost Category Usage Filter. Cost Categories are validated (relative to Cost Codes) during data entry upon leaving the Cost Category Id field.  The full relationship is validated again when leaving a child line or saving a record.

Invoice Sequence:
Reserved for future use.

GL Account:
This field defaults from corresponding field in the Revenue Adjustment record or Client Site PM Schedule (option 2).

GL Entity:
Job Id: Cost Code: Billing Item: Tax Type:
These fields default from the first lines of the Labor, Inventory or Other tabs of the Work Order, as applicable for this entry. They may be changed by the user if needed. If this entry was generated via option 2, these fields will default from the Client Site PM Schedule.

Set Tax Type on Revenue Adjustment Management Fee is a recommend global setting that impacts the Quote and Work Order.

The Print Sequence Number sets the order that multiple revenue adjustment lines will print on the invoice.

Invoice Number:
This display-only field will be completed by the system when the invoice is printed.