ZIP Code Viewer


Specify geographical defaults by postal code. When you enter a postal code in an address field, the city, state and service zone (if applicable) will default.


This functionality DOES NOT apply until turned on (for all or specific records) via the 'sys-zipcode-lookup' registry entry. Please discuss this with your support rep before enabling or changing this setting. 

Important Fields:

Zip Code Id:
The 5 or 9-digit US ZIP Code or the postal code in use in your country.

The official 2-character state or province code. By default, data entry in the State / Province address field is limited to the official abbreviations of the US States and Canadian Provinces. See the State / Province Field Validation Registry if you need to add to or change the list of valid State / Province codes.

The postal stop city for this zip code.

County: Area Code: Latitude: Longitude: Daylight Savings?
These optional fields may be entered for reporting purposes.

Service Zone Id:
his field can be used to default in the Service Zone in the Client Site record. Contact your service representative if you wish to implement this functionality.

Sales Tax Group:
For defaulting purposes in the Job record.

Branch Id:
For defaulting purposes in the Job, Site, Vendor and New Call / COD Site records.


Internal Support: Internal Registry Entry Zip Code Lookup