TechAnywhere Android Config Options

Updated November 5, 2022

Use: "config":"value",
Example: "configDBClientNumber":"1234",
Example: "configEnablePurchaseOrders":false,

CategoryConfigDefault ValuePossible ValuesDescription
BreaksconfigClockInDescriptionEnables Clock In/Out Feature for recording a Break entry each time the button is pressed. This is the Break description used for the Clock In feature.
BreaksconfigClockOutDescriptionEnables Clock In/Out Feature for recording a Break entry each time the button is pressed. This is the Break description used for the Clock Out feature.
BreaksconfigDisableBreakDescriptionfalseTrue / FalseOption to limit Break descriptions to only the dropdown choices
BreaksJava FX Test 1True / False
BreaksJava FX Test 3test 1["test 1","test 2","test 3"]
Breaksjava fx test 3TrueTrue / False
Data BackupconfigAutoDatabaseBackupsfalseTrue / FalseAutomatic database backup during sync and uploads to dbxchange FTP
Data BackupconfigNewBackupDatabasePerHour4How often, in hours, the database will backup and send. 4 = every four hours, 24 = each day. Minimum 1 hour, No Maximum
Data BackupconfigRetainBackupDatabaseDays14How long, in days, the old database backups will be purged from the FTP
DocumentsconfigEnableAutoDocumentUploadsfalseTrue / FalseDefault on/off the "Upload Now" checkbox when attaching documents
DocumentsconfigEnableFMViewableFlagfalseTrue / FalseCheckbox when attaching in document manager to control FM Viewable
DocumentsconfigExcludedFMViewableExtensionsList of file extensions to default FMViewable flag off. Use * for all
EmailconfigCopyReceiptEmailToAuto-CC to the desired email address when emailing receipt/invoice
EmailconfigEmailSubjectDateFormatyyyy-MM-ddFor specifying the date/time format used with the ^currentDate^ token in the "configReceiptEmailSubject" setting.
EmailconfigNoteEmailSubjectOption to customize note email subject when used with configNoteEmailTo. Possible tokens include:^SiteId^ - ^Site Name^ - ^Work Order Id^ - ^Tech Id^ - ^Tech Name^ - ^WorkCodeId^ - ^WorkCodeDescription^ - ^currentDate^
EmailconfigNoteEmailToWhen this is filled in with an email address, when work order note is added or updated, an email will auto-generate to send.
EmailconfigReceiptEmailBodyText in body of email for TA receipts
EmailconfigReceiptEmailSelectionmanual["manual","autoNo","autoYes"]manual - autoNo - autoYes instead of email receipt prompt
EmailconfigReceiptEmailSubjectStatic/dynamic text in subject of email for TA receipts. If left blank format will print as [RECEIPT/INVOICE][Client Site: ^Site Name^][Work Order Id: ^Work Order Id^]Possible tokens come from any of the columns in the following tables wo_list, static_work_code_list, static_technician_list
EnableconfigAllowEmailEditfalseTrue / FalseAllow edits to client site email on WO information screen
EnableconfigEnableAddPOButtonfalseTrue / FalseOption to add a 'Add PO' button from material and miscellaneous entry screens as a shortcut to create a new purchase order.
EnableconfigEnableBreaksfalseTrue / FalseAllow ability to add labor time breaks
EnableconfigEnableDiscountsfalseTrue / FalseAllow Discounts in COD payments
EnableconfigEnableEditWOCommentstrueTrue / FalseAllow Work Order Comments on WO information screen
EnableconfigEnableExistingEquiptrueTrue / FalseEnable/Disable 'Add Existing' equipment
EnableconfigEnableFlatRateBillingfalseTrue / FalseLabor, Material, Misc added to COD WO will set billable quantity to 0
EnableconfigEnableFlatRateNonCODfalseTrue / FalseAllow flat rates to be added to nonCOD work orders
EnableconfigEnableManualLaborEntrytrueTrue / FalseAllow access to add a Labor entry
EnableconfigEnableManualMaterialEntrytrueTrue / FalseAllow access to add a Material entry
EnableconfigEnableNewEquiptrueTrue / FalseAllow creation of new client site equipment
EnableconfigEnableNewWOtrueTrue / FalseAllow creation of new work order
EnableconfigEnableNotestrueTrue / FalseAllow Add-Edit-View Work Order Notes
EnableconfigEnablePurchaseOrderstrueTrue / FalseAllow tech creation of purchase orders to the work order
EnableconfigEnableReceivePOsfalseTrue / FalseAllow Purchase Order Receive function
EnableconfigEnableRecommendationstrueTrue / FalseAllow entering recommendations
EnableconfigEnableRefrigerantTrackingfalseTrue / FalseAllow entering refrigerant tracking info
EnableconfigEnableReplaceEquipmentfalseTrue / False[SAMPro 9.1+] Allow technician to mark equipment being replaced with new. Old equipment is decommissioned and new equipment with same ID takes its place. Old equipment becomes OldId-R to indicate replaced.
EnableconfigEnableRequiredResourcesfalseTrue / FalseAllow required resources submit/receive
EnableconfigEnableSpecialBarCodeParsingfalseTrue / FalseCustom mod for parsing text out of a QR code URL. Hard coded to find sn= and end with & or ;
EnableconfigEnableTimeReviewtrueTrue / FalseOption to enable/disable the Time Review section of TechAnywhere
EnableconfigEnableWPDatetrueTrue / FalseAutomatically enter the current date when going into the work performed section
EnableconfigEnableWPTechIdfalseTrue / FalseOption to automatically add technician ID to Work Performed
EnableconfigPartRunnerfalseTrue / FalseAllow techs to Receive POs for any WO
EnableJava FX Test 2TrueTrue / Falset/f test
EquipmentconfigAddEquipmentWorkOrderWarningfalseTrue / FalseAdd warning message when adding equipment if there are any other open work orders associated with selected equipment.
EquipmentconfigCapitalizeEquipFieldsfalseTrue / FalseForce CAPS on equipment Name, Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, Unit of Measure
EquipmentconfigDefaultRefrigerantSystemIDtrueTrue / FalseDefaults in equipment ID and Name for Refrigerant Tracking.
EquipmentconfigEnableEquipUserFieldstrueTrue / FalseAllow access into the equipment user fields
EquipmentconfigNonEditableEquipFieldsMake equipment fields non-editable (read-only). Refer to equipment index for numbers to use
EquipmentconfigNoneditableUserDefinedEquipFieldsMake equipment user fields non-editable (read-only)
EquipmentconfigShowEquipEstHrstrueTrue / FalseShow equipment estimated hours in WO Information and Labor entry
EquipmentconfigShowEquipWorkRequestedtrueTrue / FalseShow or hide equip work request on WO Information [CASE 5231]
EquipmentconfigStayOnEquipmentSelecttrueTrue / FalseSelecting equipment from the ADD EXISTING will leave the user on the screen allowing them to select multiple equipment records to add to the work order
Flat RateconfigAddLaborForFlatRatefalseTrue / FalseEstimated hours from flat rate automatically add labor
Flat RateconfigAddMaterialForFlatRatetrueTrue / FalseImport flat rate materials when flat rate is selected
Flat RateconfigAllowZeroDollarFlatRatesfalseTrue / FalseAllow $0 Flat Rate entry. Requires SAMPro 8.2.545.051+
Flat RateconfigFlatRateLevelFromPriceLeveltrueTrue / FalseOption to disable defaulting flat rate price level from the work order material price level
FTPconfigDBExchangeFTPHostHost address of client FTP
FTPconfigDBExchangeFTPPasswordtechHost password of client FTP
FTPconfigDBExchangeFTPUsernametechHost username of client FTP
FTPconfigFTPHosttechanywhere.sampro.netDo not change. FTP address of Data-Basics hosted company files
FTPconfigFTPPasswordtechanywhereDo not change. FTP password of Data-Basics hosted company files
FTPconfigFTPSecurefalseTrue / FalseEnable Secure FTP support (FTP over SSL/TLS). Must configure FTP Server for this method of transfer.
FTPconfigFTPUsernametechanywhereDo not change. FTP username of Data-Basics hosted company files
IntegrationsconfigAutoCreateXOiVisionJobtrueTrue / FalseFor XOi Deep Link, this gives the user the option to choose to create a vision job or not. Otherwise it is automatic when acknowledging the work order
IntegrationsconfigEnableDBFleetfalseTrue / FalseEnable DBFleet Integration
IntegrationsconfigEnableDeeplinkXOiIntegrationfalseTrue / FalseEnable/Disable XOi Deep Integration - Needs corresponding XOiAuth RAQ for credentials
IntegrationsconfigEnableEPfalseTrue / FalsePayment Processor - Electronic Payments
IntegrationsconfigEnableEPLivefalseTrue / FalseToggle between Electronic Payments integration Test/Live
IntegrationsconfigEnableEPRecurringtrueTrue / FalseOption to prevent technicians from creating new or resetting existing recurring payments (payment alias) for Electronic Payments
IntegrationsconfigEnableMagTekfalseTrue / FalseEnable Magtek payment option
IntegrationsconfigEnableMagTekLivetrueTrue / FalseUse live or testing APT servers
IntegrationsconfigEnableMarketplacefalseTrue / FalseCustom mod for client to integration with custom Marketplace app
IntegrationsconfigEnableTargetIntegrationfalseTrue / FalseEnables Target Integration
IntegrationsconfigEnableTargetIntegrationLivetrueTrue / FalseTarget Integration endpoint. True = Live, False = Test
IntegrationsconfigEnableTimeAnywhereLinkInFleetfalseTrue / FalseOption that adds a button link to TimeAnywhere on the DBFleet screen. This only applies to techs that are configured with the DBFleet-only option
IntegrationsconfigEnableXOiVisionQuoteJobsfalseTrue / FalseFor XOi Deep Link, option to be able to create a new vision job from the quote scope page
IntegrationsconfigOpenEdgeNewfalseTrue / FalseSwitch to the new OpenEdge Integration implemented in
IntegrationsconfigRequireXOiVisionJobToClosefalseTrue / FalseXOi Deep Integration requirement option for preventing the tech from completing the work order without having completed the XOi Vision Job
IntegrationsconfigTargetCompanyId-1Company ID Setting for Target Integration
IntegrationsconfigTargetCompanyNameCompany Name Setting for Target Integration
IntegrationsconfigXOEyePartnerPartner info credentials required for XOEye integration. Setting this value enables the button in the document manager/ work performed.
IntegrationsconfigXOEyeSecretPartner info credentials required for XOEye integration. Setting this value enables the button in the document manager/ work performed.
IntegrationsdefaultXOiSQLSELECT 'Work Order Photos/Videos','<a href=''~xoiLink~''>Click here to view the photos/videos of your service today.</a>'XOi Deep Integration option for how the link prints on receipts/invoices
Integrationslog_fleetfalseTrue / FalseEnable DBFleet Integration Logging
Integrationslog_targettrueTrue / FalseEnable Target Integration Logging
Laborbillable_hour_list_max-1Custom mod for handling a different billable rounding value than hours. Set this where you would want the billable hour list to stop.
Laborbillable_hour_list_min-1Custom mod for handling a different billable rounding value than hours. Set this where you would want the billable hour list to start.
Laborbillable_hour_list_step_size-1Custom mod for handling a different billable rounding value than hours. The step size is the minute increment. For example 15 = 1/4 hour. 30 = 1/2 hour. [7927]
LaborconfigAllowLaborDescriptionEditsfalseTrue / FalseAllow techs to manually edit the Labor Description Field.
LaborconfigEnableLaborTimepickerfalseTrue / FalseStart/Stop time calculator for labor entry
LaborconfigEnablePayrollWarningstrueTrue / FalseWarning of when payroll period will end
LaborconfigLaborBillableAlwaysfalseTrue / FalseAllow edit to billable hours for non-COD labor
LaborconfigLaborDays7How many days the date picker for labor can go back in time
LaborconfigOverheadLaborRate-1Set a default labor rate for overhead work orders. Must use a labor rate RN here If not set (-1), the normal default is used. In the case that the default is direct only, the top of the list is used as a default instead.
LaborconfigPayrollWarningDays3Days until PR Period ends for warning to start showing
LaborconfigSendLaborOnStatusChangetrueTrue / FalseOption to submit any unsubmitted labor during every status change.
LaborconfigTimepickerOnlyfalseTrue / FalseForce that only the time picker can be used. Hour list is disabled (billHours still able to be changed)
LaborconfigTimepickerRoundingRuleoff["off","down","up","nearest"]Rounding rules for time picker off/down/up/nearest
LabordisplayPayPeriodfalseTrue / FalseAllow picking pay period in labor entry when running concurrent payroll periods (Union + Non)
Laborhour_list_max-1Replaces static_labor_hour_list RAQ if implemented. Set this where you would want the hour list to stop. Commonly set to 8, 12, or 24.
Laborhour_list_min-1Replaces static_labor_hour_list RAQ if implemented. Set this where you would want the hour list to start. Commonly set to 0 or 0.25.
Laborhour_list_step_size-1Replaces static_labor_hour_list RAQ if implemented. The step size is the minute increment. For example 15 = 1/4 hour. 30 = 1/2 hour.
LocationconfigAllowPassiveLocationtrueTrue / FalseWhen true, the passive provider is allowed to be used to find locations. When false, only network and GPS providers are allowed to be used to find locations.
LocationconfigEnableGPSAlwaystrueTrue / FalseGPS popup on status changes
LocationconfigLastLocationTime300000In milliseconds, how long ago the last location was found that is allowed to be returned instead of a live calculation. The default is 5 minutes.
LocationconfigLocationWaitTimeout30000In milliseconds, how long should the providers run before giving up on finding a location. The default is 30 seconds.
LocationconfigRequireGPSfalseTrue / FalseWhen true, only the GPS provider will be used to find the technician's location and two other configs "configUseAnyLocationImmediately" and "configAllowPassiveLocation" will be ignored and treated as false. When false, network and passive providers may be used (dependent on other configs).
LocationconfigUseAnyLocationImmediatelytrueTrue / FalseWhen true, if network or passive providers are allowed to be used in addition to GPS, then the location determined by network or passive providers will be returned as the location. When false, even after the network or passive provider find a location, TechAnywhere will wait to see if a GPS location can be found. If no location is found, then latest from either network or passive will be used.
MaterialconfigDefaultLimitToTruckStockfalseTrue / FalseOption to default the limit to truck stock option checkbox in material lookup
MaterialconfigLimitToTruckStockfalseTrue / FalseOnly allow access to materials on location
MaterialconfigMaterialBillableAlwaysfalseTrue / FalseAllow edit to billable hours for non-COD material
MaterialconfigMaterialRateTableIdstandardOBSOLETE for TechAnywhere Android 3.5+ Material Rate Table to use for price rates
MessagesconfigLaunchMessageEnter text here if you want to display a message to your TechAnywhere users on startup of TechAnywhere every time.
MessagesconfigOnsiteMessageWhen changing the status of a work order to Onsite, display a pop up message with text entered here. Can be combined to include an image if customized with development.
MessagesconfigStartOpeningScriptsWithOption to prompt a portion of the closing call scripts at the time of making a status change to onsite. Prefix the scripts with the text and a space. Should be used in conjunction with configEnforceClosingCallScriptCheck. Must specify configOnsiteMessage in order to get to this. Just because.
MessagesconfigTimeEntryMessageEnter text here if you want to display a message to your TechAnywhere users on labor submit from time review or PR warning message every time.
MiscconfigAddTripChargefalseTrue / FalseUses trip_charge_map RAQ to determine which Other Rate to use for adding an automatic trip charge to the work order. See Case 6981
MiscconfigAllowLoginSavingtrueTrue / FalseOption to allow TechAnywhere to store the login password to be reused for future logins
MiscconfigAlwaysUseDataBasicsBarCodeScannerfalseTrue / FalseToggle to use either ZXing Barcode Scanner or our native Android solution
MiscconfigCompressJPEGPercentage80Option to reduce quality of captured picture attachments to shrink file size
MiscconfigDBClientNumberData-Basics client number to identify company files. Do not change after set.
MiscconfigDefaultTheme0["0","1","2"]Set default theme for all techs (who have not selected a theme). 0=4.0 1=Dark 2=High Contrast
MiscconfigOnlyAlphanumericCharactersFromScannerfalseTrue / FalseOption to restrict camera barcode scanner returned results to only alphanumeric values
MiscconfigOnlyJPEGUploadsfalseTrue / FalseWorks in conjunction with configCompressJPEGPercentage if the device takes photos as a PNG instead of JPEG/JPG. This option converts the image from PNG to JPEG to be able to reduce the image quality and file size.
MiscconfigRecordRefTrackingfalseTrue / FalseA method to track when a tech checks the 'No Refrigerant Used' checkbox. This will auto-add a break entry with a description of ‘No rt: WOID/EquipID’ that can be tracked in SAMPro.
MiscconfigShowRefTrackingSubmitDialogfalseTrue / FalseOption to prompt to submit Refrigerant Tracking at the time of entry.
MiscconfigShowRequiredResourcesWarningtrueTrue / FalseWarning when backing out of the required resources screen without having submitted some entries.
MiscconfigShowSiteHistoryPricingfalseTrue / FalseOption to show prices in Site and Equipment History
MiscconfigSkipFTPDownloadstrueTrue / FalseOption to skip the 90% portion of the sync that downloads SAMPro file attachments. This will require each attachment to be downloaded on an as-needed basis.
New CallconfigNewWOWebLogsfalseTrue / FalseTechs can read in weblogs to create new work order like Sampro does
New CallconfigSelectTechNewWOfalseTrue / FalseEnable option to assign other technician when creating new work orders
Purchase OrdersconfigAutoCheckMissingPOItemsfalseTrue / FalseLookup to SAMPro to find received purchase order parts that are not eligible to load into TechAnywhere due to 3 possible scenarios: 1) Part does not have equipment assigned. 2) Part has inactive equipment assigned. 3) Part has Denied TA Access equipment assigned. This option is to have this information requested each time the tech enters the material or miscellaneous screen rather than a manual button to press
Purchase OrdersconfigOnlyServiceComputePOfalseTrue / FalsePrevent tech from creating POs for jobs not set up as Service Compute
Purchase OrdersconfigOverheadPOtrueTrue / FalsePrevent tech from creating POs for overhead jobs
Purchase OrdersconfigRequestVendorMailToListfalseTrue / FalsePurchase Order Vendor MailTo support
QuotesconfigAllowQuoteEmailsfalseTrue / FalseAbility to have SAMPro email a quote recap (RQTEFRM) to a provided email address. New and existing quotes
QuotesconfigApprovedQuoteOtherRateIdUsed for Quote Approval on COD work orders. Approved quote total price posts to the work order with Other Rate specified here
QuotesconfigAutoQuoteDiscountPercentageCombined with configDiscountNonmemberText and configDiscountMemberText. A discount percentage to auto-add to newly created quotes if set. If equipment has a PM agreement, the discount apply box is auto checked. If not, discount does not apply
QuotesconfigDiscountMemberTextCombined with configAutoQuoteDiscountPercentage, text can print on the quote to say 'You saved $^memberDiscount^ today by being a member'
QuotesconfigDiscountNonmemberTextCombined with configAutoQuoteDiscountPercentage, text can print on the quote to say 'You could have saved $^memberDiscount^ today if a member'
QuotesconfigEnableApprovedQuoteTabtrueTrue / FalseShow Approved Quote Tab
QuotesconfigEnableDeclinedQuoteTabfalseTrue / FalseShow Declined Quote Tab
QuotesconfigEnableExistingQuoteTabtrueTrue / FalseShow Existing Quote Tab
QuotesconfigEnableQuoteDiscountsfalseTrue / FalseAllow Discounts in Quotes
QuotesconfigEnableQuotesfalseTrue / FalseAllow quotes
QuotesconfigQuoteEmailToServiceManagerfalseTrue / FalseOption to email the service manager a recap of the quote after creating a quote from TechAnywhere.
QuotesconfigQuoteMethodoriginal["original","new"]New Quote Screens [6228]
QuotesconfigQuotesForSitestrueTrue / FalseAllow tech to see and status change quotes for the site
ReceiptsconfigDefaultTechNameForSigneeFieldfalseTrue / FalseOption to default tech name into Signee Field. Changes text on receipt/invoice to Technician Signature rather than Customer Signature
ReceiptsconfigDisplayHeaderOnAllPagestrueTrue / FalseOption to prevent Header/Footer from printing on every page of the receipt/invoice
ReceiptsconfigDisplayMetricsOnReceiptsfalseTrue / FalsePrint metrics on receipts and invoices
ReceiptsconfigDisplayPicsOnReceiptsfalseTrue / FalsePrint image attachments on receipts and invoices
ReceiptsconfigDisplayRefTrackingOnReceiptsfalseTrue / FalseOption to print refrigerant tracking form at the time of generating receipt/invoice. Prints as separate Appendix page.
ReceiptsconfigDisplaySeverityDialogfalseTrue / FalseAPO custom mod to show stoplight image on receipt
ReceiptsconfigFullReceipttrueTrue / FalseDisplays all t&m for workorder; short only since last receipt
ReceiptsconfigReceiptHeaderColor909090HEX color value for receipt/invoice table headers
ReceiptsconfigReceiptHeaderFontColorFFFFFFHEX color value for receipt/invoice table header text
ReceiptsconfigReceiptHideLocationfalseTrue / FalseOption to hide location upon signature link
ReceiptsconfigSignatureCustomer signature indicates acceptance of chargesComment/Legalese below signature on receipts
ReceiptsconfigSignatureUploadsfalseTrue / FalseUploads signatures as separate files
ReceiptsconfigSummaryScreenStylewide["wide","notwide"]Summary screen display "wide" for new, "old" for old format
ReceiptsconfigTimestampFormatMMMM dd, yyyy - h:mm:ss aDate & Time format for 'Date Completed' on receipt
RequirementsconfigDoubleRequireFlatRatefalseTrue / FalseRequires at least one Flat Rate entry for workorder. Cannot be overridden
RequirementsconfigDoubleRequireLaborfalseTrue / FalseRequires at least one Labor entry for workorder. Cannot be overridden
RequirementsconfigDoubleRequireMaterialfalseTrue / FalseRequires at least one Material entry for workorder. Cannot be overridden
RequirementsconfigDoubleRequireMiscfalseTrue / FalseRequires at least one Misc entry for workorder. Cannot be overridden
RequirementsconfigDoubleRequireWorkPerformedfalseTrue / FalseRequires at least one W.P. entry for workorder. Cannot be overridden
RequirementsconfigEnforceClosingCallScriptChecktrueTrue / FalseIf closing call scripts, force requirement
RequirementsconfigEnforceOpeningCallScriptChecktrueTrue / FalseForce fill in opening call scripts in new WO
RequirementsconfigEnforceOriginalCallerChecktrueTrue / FalseForce original caller field in new WO
RequirementsconfigRequiredEquipmentDetailsList equipment fields requirements to save. Reference index for numbers to use
RequirementsconfigRequireEquipmentDetailsToCompletefalseTrue / FalseEquipment field requirements to close work order
RequirementsconfigRequireFlatRateToClosefalseTrue / FalseEnforce Flat Rate as closing requirement
RequirementsconfigRequireLaborToClosetrueTrue / FalseEnforce Labor as closing requirement
RequirementsconfigRequireMaterialToClosetrueTrue / FalseEnforce Materials as closing requirement
RequirementsconfigRequireMetricstrueTrue / FalseEnforce Metrics as closing requirement
RequirementsconfigRequireMiscToClosetrueTrue / FalseEnforce Misc as closing requirement
RequirementsconfigRequireQAfalseTrue / FalseForce requirement that customer must fill out Q&A questions. Otherwise, give them option to fill out or bypass.
RequirementsconfigRequireSignatureToClosetrueTrue / FalseEnforce Signature as closing requirement
RequirementsconfigTripleRequireFlatRatefalseTrue / FalseEnforce Flat Rate as closing requirement for EVERY schedule date for the work order
RequirementsconfigTripleRequireLaborfalseTrue / FalseEnforce Labor as closing requirement for EVERY schedule date for the work order
RequirementsconfigTripleRequireMaterialfalseTrue / FalseEnforce Material as closing requirement for EVERY schedule date for the work order
RequirementsconfigTripleRequireMiscfalseTrue / FalseEnforce Misc as closing requirement for EVERY schedule date for the work order
StatusconfigAutoCompleteCODtrueTrue / FalsePrevent COD from auto completing after generating invoice
StatusconfigCompleteNonCODWOsAfterReceiptfalseTrue / FalseAfter receipt, auto complete work order.
StatusconfigConfirmStatusChangesfalseTrue / FalseOption to cancel/confirm each status change
StatusconfigEnableStatusWarningfalseTrue / FalseMessage box to retry if status change could not be sent
StatusconfigMarkCODBilledfalseTrue / FalseDon't use! When completing COD WO, can change to status of Billed (obsolete in 7.3).
StatusconfigRescheduleSelectStatusunacknowledgedUsed in conjuction with configStatusTreatAsReschedule. List of statuses to choose from when reschedule new tech line.
StatusconfigRescheduleSelectTechfalseTrue / FalseUsed in conjuction with configStatusTreatAsReschedule. Allow the technician to pick a different tech, other than themself to reassign/reschedule the work order for.
StatusconfigRRStatusChangetrueTrue / FalseOption to control if the status change to Waiting Parts happens or not when submitting required resources
StatusconfigStatusTreatAsCompleteOptional Statuses to act as completed, multiple can be used [CASE 4751] ex: "hold,checked out"
StatusconfigStatusTreatAsRescheduledSimilar to TreatAsComplete, enter a status or multiple statuses to trigger the reschedule prompt to display. This status will need to be listed in static_status_list and static_status_wo_list. If used in conjunction with configStatusTreatAsComplete, make sure the status is NOT listed in static_status_wo_list.
Statuswo_status_sorttravel,onsiteAbility to change the sort order of the WO Open Tab if that sort option is being used. Blank sorts statuses alphabetically, but it is usually necessary to put active statuses towards the top. Not necessary to list all statuses, just which ones you want to come first.
StorageconfigAttachmentsDirectory\\\\Server\\Docs\\Archive\\SAMPro document archive location for attachments. Must use double "\" and end with "\\"
StorageconfigDaysToRetainCompletedWOs14Days work orders kept on completed tab before data is purged. Don't recommend going less than 14 or much higher than 30.
StorageconfigReduceEquipmentListForSynctrueTrue / FalseFor large equipment lists, cycles in groups of 3000
StorageconfigReduceInventoryListForSyncfalseTrue / FalseOptional inventory retrieval method for breaking into smaller chunks for older devices that can't handle the memory load
StorageconfigReduceMetricListForSynctrueTrue / FalseFor large metrics list, cycles in groups
Unit DownconfigEnableEquipUnitDownfalseTrue / FalseOption to enable Unit Down feature
Unit DownconfigSendInternalEmailForEquipmentTypesRN value of Equipment Types that will be used for deciding when 'internal' (Service and Account Managers) emails are sent out during a Unit Down event
Unit DownconfigUnitDownSingleEmailfalseTrue / FalseOption to condense 'customer' and 'internal' emails into 1 email rather than 2
Unit DownconfigUnitDownSiteNumber1["1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","10"]Specify which Client Site User Field to use as a Y/N flag for deciding when 'customer' emails are sent out during a Unit Down event
Unit DownconfigUnitDownWorkCodeRN value of the Work Code that will be set on the Work Order Equipment Work Code field. Commonly set to the RN of a Work Code called "Unit Down"
Work OrderconfigDisplayWOAddressfalseTrue / FalseDisplay Site Address on Dispatched/Open/Completed WO Lists
Work OrderconfigDisplayWONametrueTrue / FalseDisplay WO name on Dispatched/Open/Completed WO Lists
Work OrderconfigEnableWOUserFieldsfalseTrue / FalseAllow access into the work order user fields
Work OrderconfigHideOverheadHistoryfalseTrue / FalseOption to hide history functions for overhead work orders
Work OrderconfigHideWOInformationHide items on the WO Information Screen. Use index for numbers to use
Work OrderconfigNoneditableUserDefinedWOFields1["1","2","3","4","5",""]Make work order user fields non-editable (read-only)
Work OrderconfigWPDateFormatOption to set work performed date stamp consistency. Blank = Android system default. Use Valid Java Date/Time format.